Maria Cuciniello  

Our Nonna. Our Inspiration!

Our Story 

Ercolano home town to Luigi Cuciniello Husband to Nonna Maria (Photo), is a province of Napoli that lies at the western foot of Mount Vesuvius – this enchanted town is the birthplace of the Cuciniello family. Surrounded by ancient ruins and lively streets this environment provides our family with rich culinary history and culture.


The Napoli region embodies a romantic heartbeat unlike any other, each beat is full of passionate love – this heartbeat translates into our food and family life.


Napoli is the birthplace of the famous Margherita Pizza, named after its last Queen Margherita. Celebrating the Queen’s visit, the Napolitano people created a simple pizza base decorated with rich tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil representing the nation’s flag.

(Circa 1855- 1926)


Let us take you on a journey to our home town, our mission is simple; passion and love coupled with skill and quality ingredients, delivering you with a remarkable dish with delicious flavour. Our meals will replicate the recipes passed down through generations brought to you with magnificent service.     


Just like Nonna would always say before every meal.


Bouna Appetito!